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THINKATION is the merger of Thinking + Education. … The purpose of the conference was to reposition young minds on how thinking right can change all the negative chronicles about one’s life and propel them to take unique steps to achieve their goals. It has been designed to dymystify the secrets to personal and national wealth creation through the combination of education and thinking.

The following seasoned speakers: Ubong King, Foluso Philips, Audrey Joe Ezeogbo, Allen Onyema, Ini Abimbola, Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), Ken Etete, Ayo Makun, Yvonne Ofodile and a host of others have been billed to speak on the Nigerian youths at the maiden edition of Thinkation2020 conference, an initiative event organized by the Ubong King Foundation.

According to the brains behind the programme slated to hold on January 25th, 2020 at Harbour point Event Center, Victoria Island, Lagos by 7AM. It will also showcase great leaders of thought, prolific speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and mentors as they will converge to share from their wealth of experiences, challenges and motivate participants to engage their brains and minds in creating the future they desire. They are geared to direct participants to life, business and leadership success using the principles that have worked for them to give clarity, direction, know-how, strategy, vision, as well as inspire them to think critically in order to create solutions for themselves and their community.

‘The Ubong King Foundation hopes to help Africans from all walks of life by nurturing their minds and thought processes. For us, it is important to have the productive population of a nation to be well groomed mentally to the point where they desire to exceed the status quo that prevail in their surroundings, in order to attain their full potential in career, finance, health, business and relationships.

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